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Carly and Kumar Easy-to-read short stories (Elementary/Level 1)

Click HERE to download a small sample PDF of Lvl 1 (Book 1 is now free as audio and PDF download – contact us for details)

ISBN 978-0-9922880-0-6 (with audio CD) $24.95

Carly and Kumar Easy-to-read short stories (Pre-Intermediate/Level 2)

Click HERE to download a small sample PDF of Lvl 2

ISBN 978-0-9922880-1-3 $19.95

Carly and Kumar Easy-to-read short stories (Intermediate/Level 3)

Click HERE to download a small sample PDF of Lvl 3

ISBN 978-0-9922880-2-0 $19.95


 New Release   – More Carly and Kumar

More delightful short stories to ensure your students have an authentic reading experience and make great improvements in their language.  If your learners haven’t caught the reading bug yet, they will with MORE Carly and Kumar. Contact us for ordering information.




These short stories can be used to introduce an extensive reading approach to encourage reading for pleasure. An extensive reading approach could include the following:

  • 30 minutes/week sustained silent reading, each student reading at their own level, pace and a story/stories of their own choice
  • reading a story aloud to students
  • shadowed reading by teacher or higher level student with a lower level student
  • practising and performing plays within a class or for other classes
  • pairwork/group/class discussion about the illustrations and questions
  • modelling how to read for meaning
  • rereading stories or reading the same story at a different level
  • listening before, while or after reading using the audio CD (Level 1)
  • outside of class reading

Why read extensively? (easy and interesting books)
Reading for information and fun can help improve English in many ways. It can:

  • Improve reading
  • Build vocabulary
  • Increase understanding of words that are already known
  • Improve writing and spelling
  • Improve speaking
  • Improve general knowledge
  • Increase motivation to study English

(Ono, Day and Harsch (2004): Tips for reading extensively, English Language Teaching Forum, Volume 42, Number 4)

Other readers include: Bad Hair Day, A Snag Free Barbie, A Day to Remember and Learner Driver.

The author would love to hear from students and teachers and can be CONTACTED HERE.